Reservation system

Comparison between Online and Offline Reservation Systems.

Pay and Book System. Instant Confirmation against Online Payment (Credit Card)
Based on pre-booked room inventory for hotels in popular destinations
Bookings done via Online Reservation Engine having pre-booked room inventory for hotels and guest name is intimated to the hotel within a day after reservation is made.


Book and Pay System. Confirmation first and then Payment to be made as per hotel rules by one of the payment options.
Room reservations done like any Travel Agency.
Bookings done directly with the hotel under the guest name.


Online Hotels within India at popular cities and tourist destinations
Offline Hotels / Cruises, transport and flights all over India and abroad.



No. of rooms that can be booked at a go is limited to the number contracted and number available within the contracted for the given dates. As of now 4 rooms are contracted per day per hotel.
Available for Hotels in major cities, Popular tourist destinations and few getaway destinations within India


No. of rooms can be booked at a go depends on no. of rooms available for free sale at the hotel for given dates.
Available Hotels within India that have been reviewed and found suitable by Hotel Links India Team. About 3000 hotels listed online covering practically entire length and breadth of the country comprising all major cities, tourist destinations and off beat stay options.



Ability to view offers, best available rates, special rates for the given date of travel.


Ability to view Rack Rates and check with reservation assistants for best available rate based on pre-contracted special rates (if any).

Refund & Cancellation


Cancellation Policies are as per Hotels
Standard Refund Process for Cancellations
Cancellation Processing Charges Apply


Cancellation Policies are as per hotels
Refund Process varies with every resort and can take anything from 1 week to 6 months.
No Cancellation Processing Charges applicable from Hotel Links India.

Service Short falls


In case of rare possibility room unavailability at the time of check in, an equivalent hotel room or higher category hotel room would be provided at no extra cost.
Full refunds in a rare event of room’s not available and equivalent hotel room also not available at the time of check in


Full refunds or complimentary equivalent accommodation in a rare event of rooms not available at the time of check in
In case any shortfall in services (as against what is promised or what can be reasonably expected for such a service) by any hotel or service provider is established, Hotel Links India would not stand responsible for making any refunds.

Payment Options

Online Master / Visa

Offline See payment options


Online: For last minute reservations (such as a weekend getaway or Business Travel) or reservations with a firm date of travel particularly corporates.


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